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        Our products

            Wuhan Linsai Chemical Co., Ltd specialize in chemical raw material production and sales. The company has hazardous chemicals and import & export license.

            We establish high starting point and professional management as orientation, provide service for painting, printing ink, rubber and plastic industries, etc, and has a stable market share.

            We produce and sales high quality, stable and cost-effective products like refined linseed oil, linseed oil fatty acid, wood oil resin , wax oil resin . We are the agent for those leading European, American, Japanese, and other chemical suppliers in China. We insist on the supremacy of credibility, quality assurance and quality service, which made us become most competitive supplier and manufacturer in those industries.

            We canonize ‘honesty, practical and high-efficiency’, attend to create value and share development for clients, and tend to long-term cooperation. In the meantime, we are a professional and efficient team with “sharing the same outlook” as our culture. And we insist standardized administration to assure its healthy and continuous growth. 

            We hopes to cooperate with customers to realize commitment and pursuit!

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